November 8, 2022 Election Results


City Council of the City of Westlake Village called a General Municipal Election to be held on November 8, 2022, for the purpose of the election of three members of the City Council.  The Election is consolidated with the Statewide General Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.  The three City Councilmember positions will be for a term of four years, from December 2022 - December 2026.

The Election is coordinated through the County of Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.

Election Results

Results for the election will be posted on the LA County Elections Division (Live Results ( after 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.  and continuously through the early morning hours on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.  The first reporting will be exclusively Vote-by-Mail ballots received and processed prior to the Election Day.  The first reporting should be posted around 8:15 p.m. give or take a few minutes. The next set of results on Election Night will be ballots from Vote Centers before Election Day.   Election results will continue to be updated every Friday and Tuesday following the election through December 5, 2022.  Updated reports will be posted by 5:00 pm.

The Election Code allows the Election Division to process Vote-by-Mail Ballots prior to Election Day, but they are NOT allowed to process any in-person ballot data until after the Polls close.   This is why the first results are ONLY Vote-by-Mail ballots that were received prior to the Election Day.   For your reference, this process is following Election Code 15101 (a), (b), and (c).

Vote Centers close at 8 p.m. on Election Day, all voted ballots are sealed, secured and transported by Sheriff’s Deputies to be centrally tabulated at the Tally Operation Center: 9150 E Imperial Highway, Downey CA 90242.  As the secured ballot boxes arrive, they are processed and released in the next update.

 Link for Election Results: Live Results (