All households and businesses are required by City ordinance and State law to separate recyclable materials from trash. Currently, Westlake Village residents and businesses should use the blue container for trash, black container for recyclables, and green container for organic waste.

Soon, WM will be rolling out new containers. The new containers will have a new color scheme as required by State law: grey for trash, blue for recyclables, and green for organic waste. When you receive new containers, you will receive an information sheet with the new color information. Until you receive new containers, please continue using the old color scheme of blue for trash and black for recyclables.

Recycle these:

  • White and color paper, including glossy paper, wrapping paper, and shredded paper
  • Catalogs, magazines, junk mail, manuals, and soft cover books
  • Cardboard, packing paper, envelopes, and paper bags
  • Paper egg cartons and milk/juice cartons (unsoiled)
  • Aluminum cans, tin cans, and tin jar lids
  • Clear glass and color glass including beverage containers and jars
  • Plastic bottles and containers #1 through #7

Do not recycle:

  • Paper tissues or paper towels (put these in the organic waste container)
  • Soiled paper such as paper plates and pizza boxes (put these in the organic waste container)
  • Waxed or foil lined paper or cardboard
  • Hard cover books
  • Windows, mirrors, dishware, cookware, ceramics, and light bulbs
  • Plastic bags (return these to the grocery store for recycling)
  • Plastic and Tyvek envelopes and packaging
  • Plastic liners, plastic film, plastic wrap, and bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam and packing peanuts
  • Clothes, shoes, textiles, household goods, and Household Hazardous Waste

Learn About Recycling

To learn more about how to recycle and how recyclable materials are processed, watch these videos produced by Waste Management.