Mixed-Use Lindero District

Mixed-Use Lindero aerial map

The Mixed-Use Lindero District is one of the areas within the North Business Park Specific Plan that is designated for residential development or mixed-use residential/commercial development. The City has received numerous inquiries from property owners and developers about developing these sites.

The Mixed-Use Lindero District consists of three separate parcels located at 5601, 5655, and 5701 Lindero Canyon Road totaling about 20 acres. The specific plan allows the parcels to be developed individually with three separate projects, or together as a single project. The maximum allowed number of residential units on all three properties combined is 462 units.

Any projects on these properties would be required to comply with the development standards set forth in the specific plan, including but not limited to the following:

  • Maximum density per parcel: 32 units per acre
  • Maximum number of units allowed on all parcels: 462 units
  • Maximum height: 3 stories and 55 feet
  • Maximum lot coverage: 40%
  • Minimum front setbacks: 30 feet back from top of slope
  • Provide publicly accessible open space and amenities
  • Provide high quality landscaping, trees, architecture, and materials consistent with the City's character
  • Provide appropriate building massing and modulation

A development project proposed for these properties would require City Council approval through a Planned Development Permit, including a noticed public hearing.

Note: Under the provisions of the State Density Bonus Law, a developer has the right to request incentives and concessions in exchange for building units that are restricted for rental or purchase to low income households. These incentives and concessions may include constructing additional "bonus" units beyond the maximum otherwise allowed and being granted exceptions to development standards including but not limited to those listed above.