Clean Power Alliance

THe City of Westlake Village is A proud member of Clean Power Alliance

We are excited to announce that our community will soon enjoy the advantages of clean, renewable power at competitive rates! Starting in June 2020, Clean Power Alliance will be the new electricity provider for customers in Westlake Village.

The City of Westlake Village has chosen to select Lean Power as the default option for our community, which provides 36% renewable content at the lowest possible cost. Lean Power offers customers an overall 1-2% discount on their electric bill, as compared to what they would pay if they remained on SCE rates for energy supply.

The best part is: the choice is yours! If you are interested in supporting a cleaner future, or leading the way to a greener future, you can change your service by selecting one of Clean Power Alliance’s other two rate options: Clean Power, which provides 50% renewable content, and 100% Green Power, which provides 100% renewable content and gives customers the opportunity to be an environmental champion. For more information visit or contact Clean Power Alliance at or 888-585-3788.

Clean Power Alliance offers three rate options designed to suit the diverse needs of our community:

Lean Power
(Westlake Village’s Choice)
Clean Power
100% Green Power

Provides 36% renewable content at the lowest possible cost—with the added benefit of local management and control. Our community has selected Lean Power as our default option.

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Provides 50% renewable content and the opportunity to support building a cleaner future, all at cost competitive rates.

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Provides 100% renewable content and gives you the opportunity to be an environmental champion—leading the way to a greener future.

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No matter what offering you choose, our community will soon enjoy the shared benefits of Clean Power Alliance including:

Local Management & Control

Stable, Competitive Rates

Higher Renewable Content

What is Clean Power Alliance?

Clean Power Alliance ( is a nonprofit entity, formed through a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) made up of 32 public agencies across Los Angeles and Ventura counties—including the City of Westlake Village---working together to bring clean, renewable power choices to our communities.

On November 14, 2018, the City of Westlake Village voted to join Clean Power Alliance to bring the power of choice to our community. Mayor Kelly Honig represents the City of Westlake Village on the Clean Power Alliance Board of Directors.

How does it work?

Clean Power Alliance will purchase clean power and Southern California Edison (SCE) will deliver it.

SCE will continue to deliver power to your home or business, send your bill, and be responsible for resolving any issues with your electricity service. On your SCE electric bills, you will pay CPA.

What comes next?

As Clean Power Alliance begins to offer service, customers will receive a total of four notices via mail before and after the switch from SCE to Clean Power Alliance. The first notice will be a letter mailed in April 2020. You don’t have to do anything when you receive these notices; you will automatically begin receiving the benefits of Clean Power Alliance service in June 2020. However, the notices will give you information about your new energy choices, including how to make changes to your account and customer support contact information.

Once you receive your first notice, you can also choose not to take advantage of all the benefits Clean Power Alliance has to offer and elect to opt out without penalty, and your electricity generating charges will remain with SCE—but we hope you will join us in enjoying the advantages of clean, renewable power at competitive rates! 

To learn more, including frequently asked questions and rate comparisons, visit the Clean Power Alliance website at

Q&A Session with the CPA’s Executive Director

Clean Power Alliance - Westlake Village from The City Of Westlake Village, CA on Vimeo.

What documents are being mailed?

Link to Pre-Enrollment Letter #1