Living With Coyotes

Living with Coyotes

Coyotes are a fact of life in Southern California, particularly in areas adjacent to open space. It is always important to remember that coyotes are wild animals. Coyotes are naturally wary of humans, and instinctively shy away from contact when possible, until they come to view people as a source of food. When this happens, coyotes can become aggressive.

To ensure the safety of residents and their pets, as well as to respect the continued presence of coyotes in the wild, residents should take the following precautions:

  • Keep garbage cans tightly closed, stored so that they cannot tip over, and in an area inaccessible to animals.
  • Do not intentionally feed coyotes or other wild animals. It is illegal to do so, and is dangerous to both the animals and the person feeding them.
  • Do not leave small pets outdoors unattended. Fences will generally not protect small pets from coyote attack. Even large pets can become victims of a coyote attack if allowed to run free. Always keep pets on a leash when outdoors in unfenced areas.
  • Always monitor small children when outdoors.
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed to reduce hiding places for coyotes.
  • Remove situations that may attract rodents, such as bird feeders, fallen fruit or compost piles, as the presence of rodents may in turn attract coyotes.
  • If followed or approached by a coyote, make loud noises and throw rocks or other objects to frighten it away.

Share these safety precautions with your friends and neighbors, and ask that they cooperate to keep your neighborhoods safe. In most cases, coyotes are not a cause for concern. However, when coyotes become aggressive, it is important to address the problem quickly. Aggressive coyote behavior should be immediately reported to the Westlake Village Planning Department at 818-706-1613 or Animal Control at 818-991-0071.

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