City to Schools Program

City to Schools Program

The City to Schools Program was created in 2003 as a tool to teach and involve 4th grade students from White Oak Elementary School about local government. The program involves City Staff visiting the 4th grade classes once a month throughout the year and the culmination of the program is a field trip to City Hall and the presentation of their final project.

Throughout the year students learn about various City topics including planning, traffic engineering, history of the City, local safety services, environmental issues, public outreach, and library services. Students elect a City Council of their peers and participate in a mock City Council meeting during a field trip to City Hall at the end of the School Year.

In addition, the Student City Council are invited to attend a regularly scheduled Council meeting where they sit with the City Council at the dais and participate in the meeting.

The annual mock City Council meeting is televised live on Channel 10 and is available on the City's website under additional programming. 

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City Schools Program 2021-22