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1. How do I obtain a birth certificate?
2. How to I obtain a Death Certificate?
3. Is Westlake Village located in Los Angeles County or Ventura County?
4. Do I need a City business license to operate a business in the City of Westlake Village?
5. If I would like to get more involved in my City, what opportunities are available?
6. How and where do I register to vote?
7. Who handles Building and Safety services for the City?
8. Are City Council meetings shown live on T.V. or streamed online?
9. Does the City publish a newsletter?
10. How do I submit a claim to the City?
11. What are the City's Development Standards?
12. How do I request documents from the City?
13. Where can I obtain information on City elections?
14. What are the City's regulations on fences and walls?
15. How do I obtain a permit to host a special event on public property including run or bike events?
16. How do I obtain a permit to film in the City?
17. Does the City have Homeowner's Associations?
18. How do I obtain a marriage license?
19. How do I obtain a passport?
20. How do I obtain a permit from the City?
21. How do I obtain Public Records from the City?
22. Where do I get information on street signs in the City?
23. Is there free wifi at the Civic Center?
24. Not finding the answer you are looking for?