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Contact Forms

  1. Antoinette Mann
  2. Carol Kramer
  3. Elyse Olkes
  4. Ethan Mercado
  5. Kelly Honig
  6. Ned E Davis
  7. Rob de Geus
  8. Susan McSweeney
  1. Brad Halpern
  2. Drew Smith
  3. Entire City Council

    Please note all submissions are copied to select City staff as well.

  4. Julie Frieze
  5. Mark Wessel

    To contact Mark Wessel, please use City Care at this link:

  6. Ray Pearl
  7. Roxanne Hughes
  8. Tim Iverson

Film Permit

  1. Film Permit Application

    The permit also needs a Certificate of Liability naming the "City of Westlake Village; 31200 Oak Crest Drive; Westlake Village, CA... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. 2024 Westlake Village Citizen of the Year Nomination Form

    Each year the Westlake Village City Council recognizes an outstanding adult Westlake Village resident who has made a difference in... More…

  2. Application to Use Community Rooms - 2024

    Please read the Community Rooms Use Policy and Procedure Guidelines before submitting this form. This application requires you to... More…

  3. Special Event Application (Bike/Walk/Run/Street)

    This form must be filled out and submitted by the event organizer. This permit is for special events that will impact City property or... More…

  4. Volunteer Application

    Please fill out the form below to register to be a volunteer for the City of Westlake Village. Specific volunteer shifts will be... More…

  1. 2024 Westlake Village Youth of the Year Nomination Form

    Each year the City of Westlake Village City Council recognizes outstanding youth, a City of Westlake Village resident, who has made a... More…

  2. Inflatable/Bounce House Permission Application

    This form is to be filled out by any resident/person that would like to bring an inflatable to a City Park. Bouncers are not permitted... More…

  3. Special Event Request Form (Public Facilities)

    This form must be filled out and submitted for anyone looking to utilize any of the City parks, Civic Center, or City streets outside... More…

  4. Westlake Village Community Park Sports Field Request Form

    Please submit this form in it's entirety in order to receive a permit to use the sports fields at the Westlake Village Community Park.... More…

Public Safety

  1. Reckless Driving Reporting Program

    This form should be used by members of the community during non-emergency situations to report observations of reckless driving. If... More…