Starting a Business

Westlake Village is known as a very business friendly City, and has been noted as being one of the easier jurisdictions in the area for businesses to work with. As part of its commitment to being business friendly, the City of Westlake Village does not require a City business license, business registration, or business tax to operate. However, there are several steps that a prospective business owner must take prior to opening a business in Westlake Village.

Step One: Contact the Planning Department

Contact the Planning Department at or 818-706-1613 to determine if your business is allowed at the location you wish to operate, based on the property's zoning designation. Do this before signing any lease or purchase agreement. Some businesses may require approval of a Conditional Use Permit.

Step Two: Fill out and file a Landlord-Tenant Zoning Acknowledgement form (Optional)

In order to protect landlords from penalties arising from unpermitted uses in the city, and to disclose a new business' use with the landlord and city, a Landlord-Tenant Zoning Acknowledgement may be required by your landlord prior to occupancy. This form discloses the nature of the business to the landlord and the City, to ensure that the use is allowed and does not require additional permits to operate. A Landlord-Tenant Zoning Acknowledgement form can be downloaded from the City's website, and requires both the Tenant and Landlord's signatures prior to submission to the City Planning Department. This form has no City fees, and can typically be approved quickly by Planning staff.

Step Three: Obtain a Conditional Use Permit (If Needed)

While most businesses will not require this, some businesses in certain locations will require the issuance of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) prior to opening. In Westlake Village, this is typically a two month process, with an application fee of $1,081. The decision to approve or deny the permit application will be made by the City Council at a noticed public hearing. Important note: Any business requiring a Conditional Use Permit which if found to be operating without such a permit will be subject to a fee penalty of twice the application fee (total: $2162). This fee penalty will be in addition to any other enforcement penalties which may be imposed.

Step Four: Obtain a County Business License (If Needed)

The City of Westlake Village does not require a business license or charge a business tax. However, certain types of businesses are required to obtain a business license from the County of Los Angeles. Please visit the County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector web site for more information.

Step Five: Comply With County, State, and Federal Regulations

A Federal Tax ID number, State Resellers Permit, and Fictitious Business Name (DBA) registration may be required. Additionally various other permits and licenses issued by the State and County may be required for businesses to open in Westlake Village. It is the business owner’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary permits and other requirements are met.

For additional information, please contact the Westlake Village Planning Department at or 818-706-1613.