North Business Park Specific Plan History and Background

The North Business Park Specific Plan was adopted by the City Council on June 24, 2020. The first amendment to the Specific Plan to add a senior residential care overlay district was adopted by the City Council on March 24, 2021.

In October 2009, the City Council contracted with The Arroyo Group to prepare a study on the potential for improvements to development within the Business Park Area north of the 101 Freeway and west of Lindero Canyon Road. The City Council also created an Ad-Hoc Committee to work with The Arroyo Group. The study evaluated a number of technical areas, including real estate valuation, economic viability, land use compatibility, infrastructure adequacy, landscape and open space considerations, and parking and traffic constraints.

A series of meetings in 2010 and 2011 were held with a variety of stakeholders including property owners, commercial real estate professionals, and representatives of homeowners associations. These meetings were instrumental in obtaining input into possible directions that future development could take. In response, The Arroyo Group and the City Council Ad-Hoc Committee developed a number of potential development alternatives for consideration.

In May 2011, the Ad-Hoc Committee recommended a preferred development alternative to the City Council, at which time the City Council directed staff and The Arroyo Group to proceed with preparation of a Specific Plan utilizing the preferred development concept. However, in 2014, the Planning Department put this plan on hold as traffic studies in the Draft Environmental Impact Report indicated that the preferred development alternative would result in unacceptable traffic impacts. Various alternative mitigation methods were investigated until an alternative plan with greatly reduced traffic impacts was arrived at in 2017. This new land use plan decreased the proposed intensity of the original land use plan by about 35% and changed the land use mix to reduce traffic congestion during peak hours. In 2018, the City contracted with Civic Solutions to revise the specific plan document and Psomas to prepare a revised EIR.

The revised specific Plan and EIR were released for public review in 2019 and adopted by the City Council on June 24, 2020.


The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) held a series of outreach and engagement meetings in 2019 and 2020 to help advise the project team on the plan.

Community Advisory Committee Members

Barbara Jones-Erickson (First Neighborhood)Larry Persons (Three Springs)
Rochelle Wallach (The Trails)Elaine Goldman (Renaissance) 
Richard Winters (First Neighborhood)Tish Matthews (First Neighborhood) 
Dave Elder (Oak Forest)Curt Knabe (Renaissance) 
John Mullin (Canyon Oaks)Barbara Cornwall (Southshore) 

Please note: The photos and graphics in the presentations below are for illustrative purposes only. They are not intended to demonstrate what will be constructed in the specific plan area.

MEETING 1 (AUGUST 29, 2019)


MEETING 3 (OCTOBER 24, 2019) 


MEETING 5 (JANUARY 30, 2020)