Public Safety Advisory Board

Public Safety Advisory Board

The City Council approved the formation of the Public Safety Advisory Board and adopted the bylaws for the advisory group at its September 28, 2016 regular meeting.

The purpose of the Public Safety Advisory Board is to assist the City in raising the overall level of awareness and importance of public safety throughout the community. The newly established bylaws call for the Board to meet on a quarterly basis. Among other responsibilities, it will promote public safety education and provide recommendations to the City Council on a wide range of public safety issues, including: community law enforcement, crime prevention, and police and community relationships; City infrastructure needs and priorities related to streets, sidewalks, and trails; traffic safety-related matters; and public safety issues effecting pedestrians and cyclists.

Along with two Councilmembers, the Board is be comprised of nine residents appointed by the City Council. The terms of the seven residents are staggered with three members serving an initial term of two years and four members serving initial terms of four years. The regular terms of all subsequent members will be four years.

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