Public Safety Advisory Board

Public Safety Advisory Board

The City Council approved the formation of the Public Safety Advisory Board and adopted the bylaws for the advisory group at its September 28, 2016 regular meeting.   

Public Safety Advisory Board guidelines were updated in April 2023.

The purpose of the Public Safety Advisory Board is to assist the City in raising the overall level of awareness and importance of both public safety and emergency preparedness in the community. The establishment of the Public Safety Advisory Board is not intended to replace the City Council’s standing Public Safety Committee which is charged with the responsibility of meeting on an as-needed basis to address and provide recommendations to the City Council on day-to-day public safety items that require immediate attention and resolution. Rather, the Public Safety Advisory Board is intended to have a public safety scope of work that is broader in nature. Among other responsibilities, it is designed to encourage greater citizen awareness of public safety, promote public safety education and emergency preparedness training, and review and provide input and recommendations to the City Council on public safety topics and subjects that are assigned to it from time to time.

The Public Safety Advisory Board shall consist of up to eleven members: nine residents of the City of Westlake Village appointed by the City Council, and two Councilmembers who serve on the City Council’s Public Safety Committee. The terms of the nine members appointed by the City Council shall be two (2) years.

To ensure representation from a variety of neighborhoods in the City, no more than two members from the same Homeowners Association shall be appointed to serve at the same time on the Public Safety Advisory Board.

All members must be a resident of the City of Westlake Village when they apply and remain a resident during their term of appointment. If any member no longer resides in the City during their term, they will forfeit their position on the Board.

Members of the Board must file a Statement of Economic Interest, Form 700, as the position is listed in the City’s Conflict of Interest Resolution. Assuming Office filing due within 30 days of appointment, annual thereafter and when term ends, a leaving office statement within 30 days.