Westlake Village Skate Park

Skate park regulations

The park features a large bowl and plaza for skating. Only skateboards, inline skates, non-motorized scooters, bikes, and wheelchairs are allowed. All other devices are prohibited. The Skate Park is located at the Westlake Village Community Park at 31107 Thousand Oaks Boulevard. 


  • The Skate Park is open daily from dawn to dusk; use of the Skate Park beyond these hours is prohibited.
  • The Skate Park is closed when the Skate Park surface is wet.
  • The Skate Park is not a supervised facility. Skating is considered a hazardous recreational activity. All users of the Skate Park voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury.
  • Adult Supervision (parent or guardian) is required for children under 13 years of age.
  • Helmet, Elbow, and Knee Pads must be worn at all times while riding.
  • Skateboards, inline skates, non-motorized scooters, bikes, and wheelchairs only. All other users and devices are prohibited.
  • No motorized vehicles allowed in Skate Park.
  • Possession or consumption of tobacco, alcohol, or other controlled substances is prohibited.
  • Glass containers, littering, tagging, and graffiti are prohibited.
  • Place all trash in the designated receptacles.
  • Skating in or on any other surface other than the Skate Park is prohibited. This includes benches, curbs, driveways, parking lots, planters, playground equipment, railings, sidewalks, steps, or tables.
  • Abusive, threatening, or obscene language is strictly prohibited.
  • Skate to your ability and use the Skate Park responsibly. Skating in a reckless manner or willful disregard for the safety of others is prohibited.
  • Stunts, tricks, or luge skate boarding is prohibited for children under 12 years of age.
  • Violations of these rules will be subject to citation pursuant to Section 4.55 and 4.5.010 of the City’s Municipal Code.

WLV Skatepark at Sunset