Linkage Policy

Linkage Policy

This policy governs the establishment of external links on the City of Westlake Villages’ official website. For purposes of this policy, an “external link” is a hyperlink from the City’s website to a website maintained by another party. Neither the City’s website nor the external links on such website constitute a forum for expressive activity by members of the public. Rather, the purpose of the City’s website and external links is to provide information about officials, and services related to Westlake Village. Providing external links is in no way an endorsement or recommendation by the City of Westlake Village of any website maintained by another party or the information therein; these sites are not part of the City’s official website. The City reserves the right to deny requests for external links or delete existing external links.

Criteria for Considering Links for the City’s Official Website:

  • Information regarding officials or services related to Westlake Village
  • Recognition of an organization that is a strategic partner of the City, has co-sponsored a project with the City or has received funding from the City
  • Recognition of official sites of local, state and federal governments/ governmental agencies.
  • Timeliness and accuracy of factual material
  • Inclusion of META variables - Author, Keywords and Description. META refers to protocol and format established so information may be exchanged between different data sources.
  • Inclusion of easy links back to the City’s website.


  • Links to personal websites are prohibited.
  • Links to sites associated with, sponsored by or serving a candidate for elected office, any political party or organization supporting or seeking to defeat any candidate from elected office or ballot proposal.
  • Links to websites with obscene or objectionable images or text are prohibited.
  • Links shall not point to content on the City’s Intranet or other servers inside the city’s firewall.