Westlake Village Reads

Westlake Village Reads LogoThe City of Westlake Village, the Westlake Village Library, and Friends of the Westlake Village Library co-sponsor Westlake Village Reads, a One City One Book Program. Westlake Village Reads has established a program that places focus on a main theme rather than a single book. This year's theme is "A Delicious Read: The Second Course (Food part two)." Past themes have been memoirs, food, families, nature, "Optimize Your Brain", "The Arts", "Mystereads", and "Come Together: The Heart of Westlake Village." The themes allow for multiple titles to be read by the community and a wide array of programming opportunities for all ages. The program involves a series of free events which have included movie screenings, book discussions, chocolate tasting, memoir writing, poetry workshops, spy camp, music, nature photography, brain fitness, and a social network seminar.

Westlake Village Reads will be a two-day multiple program event in February 2019. Westlake Village Reads is intended to encourage reading throughout the community by readers of all ages. All programs are free and open to the public. Every program will be held at the Westlake Village Civic Center at 31200 Oak Crest Drive.

For more information on this program, please call the City of Westlake Village at 818-706-1613.

Westlake Village Reads 2019 Program: A dELICIOUS rEAD: tHE sECOND coURSE

In the Spirit of this year's theme The Westlake Library Book Club will be reading Buttermilk Grafitti by Edward Lee at 12 noon on February 6 in the Henderson Room. Copies of the book are available in the library now and they would love for new readers to join and discuss the book. 

Saturday Feb 9 11 am - 5:30 pm AND SUNDAY FEBRUARY 10 11 AM TO 4 PM

Event with multiple programs for residents of all ages. If you like food, eating, history, and learning about food, Westlake Village is the place to be in February. As part of the food theme, the City is partnering with the Manna Food Bank to collect canned foods and residents are encouraged to bring a donation while attending each program. All programs are held in the Community Room with the exception of the panel which will be held in the City Council Chambers. Two of the programs have a pre-registration requirement and a guest count limit, please note them with the * symbol. 

Saturday February 9 Programs

11:00 am LIFT Enrichment : Teaching Kids Culinary Basics, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Through Cooking *

LIFT provides holistic lessons that teach healthy eating habits and nutrition in and outside the home. Children will learn basic culinary skills, expand their palates, learn about nutrition and improve their confidence in the kitchen.

*We will accommodate up to 30 children, ages 5-11, and there will be sign-ups beginning Feb. 1, at 10 am, in the library or over the phone at 818.865.9230.

1:00 pm Spices 101 — Shattering the Myth that All Indian Food is Curry

The most puzzling thing about Indian cooking can be its spices. This demo by Un-Curry chef and author, Kaumudi Marathé demystifies popular Indian spices and shows you how to use them in Indian dishes or how to vary your own repertoire with a dash of cumin or a hint of asafetida. In this session, learn how to make real Indian spiced tea, use spices in savory vegetable dishes and salads, even flavor an easy dessert with some spice and color!

2:30 pm- 3:30 pm "Glamping" : Cooking Upscale While Camping and Vacationing

Cookbook author Laura Bashar will transform your ideas of what campfire cooking can be with recipes, tips, and tricks from her newest cookbook, The Camp and Cabin Cookbook. With “glamping” and high-end cabin camping more popular than ever, this program will bring a refined-yet-rustic aesthetic to your campfire dinner.

4:00 pm "You Are What You Eat" Nutrition Panel

Three local experts (Tanja Samalya, Moran Hermesh, and Jana Greene Hand) will be on a panel discussing hot button topics such as advantages/disadvantages, different kinds of diets, proper nutrition, tips for cooking/eating healthier, food sensitivity and more. Question and answer session is included and the whole program will be taped and streamed live.

Sunday, February 10 Programs

11:30 am -12:30 pm L.A.’s Legendary Restaurants: Celebrating the famous places where Hollywood Ate, Drank and Played

George Geary the creator of “The Golden Girls Cheesecakes” will present a historical talk and show on Hollywood’s Restaurants from the Golden Age to present time.  From The Legendary "Brown Derby" to "Chasens’ " and in-between, and from food trends to scandals, this exciting and entertaining presentation will have it all.  

2:00 pm Chocolate Tasting with TIFA*

Come learn about different types of chocolate, the history of chocolate, and taste some chocolate treats from the popular family-owned local shop TIFA.

*We will accommodate up to 55 guests, and there will be sign-ups beginning Feb. 1, at 10 am, in the library or over the phone at 818.865.9230.