System Ownership 
The City of Westlake Village’s water system is owned and operated by Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD). The LVMWD sets all rates and policies related to water service in the City of Westlake Village. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining the water service from the house side of the connection at the water meter up to the house. For additional information, residents are encouraged to visit the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District website or call the Water District at 818-251-2100.

Drought Information 

The LVMWD has announced limitations on water use due to the severe drought we are facing. On April 26, 2022 the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) Board declared a Water Shortage Emergency Condition and adopted an Emergency Water Conservation Program for the SWP-dependent portions of its service area, including Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. There are two compliance paths available for the affected agencies and these agencies will be fined for not complying with the conservation program. The most workable compliance path for the LVMWD involves limiting outdoor watering to one day per week, effective June 1, 2022. There are a few exceptions to the one-day-per-week limit: hand-watering of trees and other perennials, drip irrigation systems and certain other high-efficiency irrigation systems.

The previously implemented 50% reduction on outdoor water budgets for LVMWD customers remains in effect. Water budgets are unique to each customer and property and are not based on historical use. To learn more about your personal water budget, please contact the LVMWD.

For more information on current drought conditions and updates, please visit: https://www.lvmwd.com/our-services/water-supply-conditions

City Water Use

The City will continue to do its part in reducing water usage and engaging in sustainable practices. We irrigate the Civic Center and many of our parks with reclaimed water and have installed smart irrigation controllers in order to reduce our consumption of potable water.

Other Resources

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