Current Capital Projects

As part of a long-range master plan, Fiscal Year 2020-2021 will see the City continue to reinvest in its infrastructure, particularly in the area of roadways, parks, and streetscapes as described below:

LVMWD-Calleguas Intertie project

Utility and street work is currently being planned by Las Virgenes Municipal Water District along Lindero Canyon Road from Thousand Oaks Boulevard to the northernmost city limit. For more information visit

Due to difficult soil conditions, the trenching work for the water district pipeline project on Lindero Canyon Road north of Thousand Oaks Boulevard will require continuous closure of the southbound No. 2 lane (the right lane) from 9:00 AM Monday 4/5 to 3:00 PM Tuesday 4/6.  The City, water district, and contractor all recognize that this will cause additional inconvenience to motorists, especially during the morning peak period.  Unfortunately, it is necessary for safety reasons. During this time, Cardoza Drive will be closed at Lindero and traffic will be detoured to Hedgewall Drive.  During the morning peak periods, a flagger at the Hedgewall intersection will hold southbound traffic to enable motorists to turn from Hedgewall onto Lindero.  Please be patient and follow the flagger’s directions.  


A safety barrier between the US101 northbound on/off-ramps will be installed to replace the existing k-rail and crash cushions. This barrier will be cast concrete with the same rock wall pattern as the barrier walls on the bridge overcrossing. There will be intermittent closures of the NB On/Off Ramp through February and March. During these closures, traffic will be directed to alternate routes depending on the direction of travel, while construction crews are able to utilize the full area for specific items of work. The next ramp closure is scheduled between 8AM and 4PM on March 3, 2021. The overall construction is anticipated to be completed in late April or early May.

Westlake Village Community Park

Repairs to the perimeter walking path were completed this Fall. Shade Structures are currently under construction for the outfield picnic table seating area. Outfield fence installations are currently being planned to provide additional protection on select areas along the perimeter pathway. 

Annual Street Resurfacing Program/ ADA Improvements

Lindero Canyon Road is set to be paved from Thousand Oaks Boulevard to the northmost City limit. This repaving will take place following the completion of the LVMWD-CMWD Intertie project.

Traffic signal pole painting 

Traffic signal poles throughout the City need maintenance and painting upgrades. Various signal poles were identified and will be painted to conform to the Westlake Village standard traffic signal colors. This project is set to begin following the replacement of Traffic Signals being completed by Los Angeles County.


In conjunction with the LVMWD-CMWD Intertie project, the City has an opportunity to install conduit for communication utilities along Lindero Canyon Road from the northernmost City Limit to Thousand Oaks Blvd. This conduit is for future utility upgrades to Westlake Village communication services.