Current Capital Projects

As part of a long-range master plan, Fiscal Year 2020-2021 will see the City continue to reinvest in its infrastructure, particularly in the area of roadways, parks, and streetscapes as described below:

LVMWD-Calleguas Intertie project

Utility and street work is currently being planned by Las Virgenes Municipal Water District along Lindero Canyon Road from Thousand Oaks Boulevard to the northernmost city limit. For more information visit

Westlake Village Community Park

Outfield fence netting extensions have begun. The project will begin with the installation of the netting along the larger fence on Baseball Field 2, moving to Field 1 and then Field 3. There are no scheduled field closures at this time, any deviations from this will be posted here. Please check here as the project continues for any updates. During the project, the walking path may be periodically closed to install footings and poles behind the fence line. Scheduled path closures will be posted to this web page and signage will be posted at the pathway as notification.

Annual Street Resurfacing Program

Lindero Canyon Road is set to be paved from Thousand Oaks Boulevard to the northmost City limit. This repaving will take place following the completion of the LVMWD-CMWD Intertie project.

Traffic signal pole painting 

Recently completed are new traffic signal pole replacements throughout the City. Over the next couple of months you’ll see the City’s contractor around town, prepping and painting at these traffic signals. Work is being completed in two phases, with Phase 1 beginning this year. Phase 1 locations include: Thousand Oaks Blvd at Via Colinas, Thousand Oaks Blvd at Portola Ct, Lindero Canyon Rd at Russell Ranch Rd (North), Lindero Canyon Rd at Foxfield Dr, Triunfo Canyon Rd at Three Springs Dr.


The new system is expected to be operational in November or December.  CLICK HERE to see a video that explains how the system works and what motorists should do when the beacon is activated.  The beacon will normally be dark – no displays will be on.  When a pedestrian presses the button, the beacon will go through a sequence of five phases:

  1. Flashing Yellow – This will alert motorists that the beacon has been activated and is about to turn yellow.
  2. Steady Yellow – Just as for a regular traffic signal, this warns motorists of an upcoming light.
  3. Steady Red – Just as for a regular traffic signal, this means motorists must stop and wait.
  4. Alternating Flashing Red – A flashing red is always treated like a stop sign, which means each motorist must stop, and may then proceed if the crosswalk is clear of pedestrians.
  5. Dark – All displays will turn off until the beacon is again activated by a pedestrian.


In conjunction with the LVMWD-CMWD Intertie project, the City has an opportunity to install conduit for communication utilities along Lindero Canyon Road from the northernmost City Limit to Thousand Oaks Blvd. This conduit is for future utility upgrades to Westlake Village communication services.