City Clerk


Ordinance No. 278U-20 - Establishing a Temporary Eviction Moratorium

Ordinance No. 280U-20 - Establishing a Temporary Extension of the Anti-Price Gouging Statutory Prohibitions

Ordinance No. 282U-20  Amending Ordinance No. 278U-20 to update the COVID-19 Temporary Eviction Moratorium 

Note: Portions of the City’s eviction moratorium related to residential tenants are no longer effective due to the enactment of Assembly Bill 832 on June 28, 2021. If you have questions about how the City’s ordinances and state law apply to your situation, please consult legal counsel.

The City Clerk’s Office

The City Clerk:

  • Maintains all official City records in compliance with Federal, State and Local laws
  • Records and maintains the proceedings of City Council meetings
  • Posts, indexes, and files all City ordinances and resolutions
  • Coordinates municipal elections
  • Assembles City Council and Committee meeting agenda packets
  • Publishes legal notices in accordance with State open meeting laws
  • Serves as Filing Officer for 1974 Political Reform Act regulations
  • Notarizes documents
  • Maintains the City's Records Management Program
  • Provides direct administrative support to the City Manager and the City Council
  • Prepares proclamations and plaques

Public Records Request

How do I obtain Public Records from the City? To make a public records request contact the City Clerk at 818-706-1613 or submit a request here.

Quick Links:

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For questions or additional information, contact Deputy City Clerk Carol Kramer at 818-706-1613.